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Team and Dead Rebounds

A rebound will be recorded for every missed shot. After every missed shot, CyberSports will prompt for a player or team that grabbed the rebound.

To enter a team rebound, click the desired team's Name button . If the user does not indicate a player or team, the appropriate team will be automatically credited with a team rebound upon the next event. Team rebounds are credited to a team when:

  1. A missed or blocked shot goes directly out of bounds or is deflected out of bounds before individual player possession can be established. 
  2. A free-throw attempt misses the rim completely, and the ball is awarded out of bounds.
  3. A missed shot bounces over the backboard or touches a guide wire or support of the backboard.

Recording Dead Ball Rebounds

A dead ball rebound can occur in several ways during a basketball game. The typical case is on a shot that occurs right as time expires in a period. In that case no team or player actually should get credit for the rebound. Normally CyberSports will prompt for a player to get the rebound and force one team or the other to get a rebound. In order to change this and record a dead ball rebound you can either press the Dead Ball action button or click During Game on the main menu bar and select the Dead Ball Rebound option. In either case you will then be prompted for the team to receive the dead ball rebound.

This technique will also work for some of the other dead ball situations, like a foul or injury that occurs on a rebound. CyberSports automatically handles the case of a dead ball rebound for a missed free throw when there are multiple attempts to be made.

In addition to the direct method, you can also use the Action editor to change a rebound into a dead ball rebound. Just double click on the event qualifier field and choose Dead Ball Rebound from the popup menu.  Dead ball rebounds are credited to a team when:

  1. Possession is retained after a missed free-throw attempt which is followed by another attempt.
  2. Possession is retained after a missed technical foul shot.
  3. Time expires prior to a player or team gaining possession of a missed shot.
  4. A foul occurs on a missed shot and the ball becomes dead before a player or team can gain possession.