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CS GO | The eSports Pioneer

Counter-Stike was released back in 1999 as a mod for another game called Half-Life. We have witnessed how quickly Counter-Strike progressed from a beta version to its full release. The game also refined that classic gameplay and produced a very dedicated community which has followed the game since the very beginning for over a decade. Today there are huge international competitions where teams from all over the world gather in order to demonstrate their abilities as well as strategies competing in both local and international tournaments. The game has developed through several stages, including the popula 1.6 version and the current Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Legendary Status in the International Gaming Community

Since the very beginning, the game has rapidly become a legendary game when it comes to the international gaming community. The huge success of the game is likely due to the extremely competitive gameplay it provides for the players. The game pits two teams of five players against each other, with one acting as terrorists and the other as an anti-terrorist team in a situation like hostage-taking or bombing. The teams can also win by eliminating all of the players on the other team. The game was introduced on Windows in 1999 with the very first version of the game. The initial version was created by Jess Cliffe and Minh Gooseman Le before they sold the rights to the Valve Corporation who are the developers of the game Half-Life.
The game was soon followed with a new version named Counter-Strike: Condition Zero that was developed by Turtle Rock Studios back in 2004. That same year another version was released Counter-Strike: Source created by Valve Corporation just eight months before Counter-Strike: Condition Zero was released. This version was the remake of the original game and it was the first version to entirely run on Valve Corporation’s Source engine. The fourth version of the game was also introduced by Valve Corporation named Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released back in 2012 for Xbox 360, OS X, Windows and PlayStation 3. Alongside Valve Corporation, Hidden Path Entertainment also worked on creating this version. It should be noted that several other titles were introduced over the years including Neo, Counter-Strike Online, and Nexon: Zombies.

First Counter-Strike Pro Tournaments

The first Center-Strike pro tournament was introduced back in 2000. It was major EuroCup I featuring prize pool of $1.000 which was spread among teams Clan Z, Spirit of Amiga and SK Gaming. The organizer of the tournament was ClanBase. When it comes to the features of the tournament it was played in the game format 5vs5 featuring one group stage, single-elimination stage, and bracket. It took place from September to December of 2000.
The following year ClanBase EuroCup III and ClanBase EuroCup IV took place. The prize was spread among teams Exousia, TAMM, Team 7 and Spirit of Amiga. In the following years, most notable professional Counter-Strike tournaments included ESWC Brazil, GameGune, ClanBase EuroCup, European National Champions, DreamHack Winter 2005 and Counter-Strike Champions League Season. When it comes to recent years, most notable tournaments include WESG 2017 European Finals, DreamHack Denver 2017, World Cyber Arena 2017 and the upcoming DreamHack Winter 2017.

The Most Successful Players and Teams

When it comes to the most successful Counter-Strike teams and players we have to mention team Fnatic. The team’s late 2014 run of aggressive dominance was more than impressive. Currently, the team is on a run of fifteen straight top-four finishes. When it comes to the team’s leading man we have to mention cArn who has been the captain of team Fnatic during some of their best performances. Even though he recently announced his retirement, he will continue to be a part of the Counter-Strike community. We can’t fail to mention Ninjas in Pyjamas either, as they absolutely dominated the Counter-Strike scene from 2012 to 2014. In the statistical context, the team was the greatest Counter-Strike team to play the game. Other notable mentions include Na ‘Vi, VeryGames, Team SoloMid, Virtus.pro and team EnVyUs.
When it comes to the current standing of CS:GO teams, SK Gaming is leading, followed by teams G2, North, FazE, Astralis, Liquid, Gambit Gaming, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Cloud9 and Natus Vincere. When we are speaking about most successful players we have to mention Robert ‘RobbaN’ Dahlström and Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund who playe for SK Gaming. GeT_RiGhT made a name as a part of the leading record-breaking Fnatic team back in 2009. Evil Geniuses’ player Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert is one of the best active players who have won several ESEA invitational titles in addition to other major tournaments.

Highest Earnings in Counter-Strike

When it comes to the highest earner in Counter-strike team Luminosity Gaming were able to win $500.000 at MLG: Columbus, which is the highest prize ever won in the game. The team has been coping with their humble beginnings in Counter-Strike Source to Global Offensive, ultimately scoring this highest Counter-Strike prize. Looking at particular Counter Strike players, we must mention Filip “Neo” Kubski and Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas, both Polish players with over $640.000 in tournament winnings to date.
Counter Strike: Global Offensive continues to be one of the most popular eSports in the world and we cannot but be impressed by a single game standing the test of time for so long and remaining at the top despite so many other titles coming and going. Counter Strike is simply a global phenomenon that is showing no signs of becoming obsolete, even after more than two decades of success.

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