The Most Successful Starcraft 2 Player Ever

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StarCraft 2 is one of the eSports competitions that do not get the attention that it deserves in the world. Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Call of Duty have a much bigger audience in the world. Despite that, StarCraft 2 has proven to be a very interesting game that has managed to stand the test of time. More importantly, StarCraft 2 was one of the original eSports competitions in the world.
Because of that, during all those years, there were many players who have left the huge mark in this competition. However, there is only one absolutely the best StarCraft 2 player in the world and many experts and fans agree that Lee 'Life' Seung Hyun is the best StarCraft 2 player ever.

Lee 'Life' Seung Hyun

Lee 'Life' Seung Hyun is the South Korean StarCarft 2 player that has played for Afreeca Freecs and KT Rolster. Life's rise to the stardom became in 2014 when he managed to win the title at the 2014 BlizzCon Global Championship. After that, Life's rise to the top was very quick as rarely any player was able to pose any threat on his way to become the best ever.
However, during the first couple of tournaments after his first tournament win, Life did not have a very good period as he finished in the second place at the DreamHack 2014 Tour Finals as well as in the 3rd/4th place at the SpoTv StarLeague. However, after those two tournaments, his real rise start to happen as he first won the trophy at the Intel Extreme Masters Taipei. After that, he also managed to win the title at the world's biggest and the most prestigious StarCraft 2 tournament in the world.
During the next year or so, Life would continue to impress with his performances at StarCraft 2 tournaments. During that period, many other players that competed at that time against Life were speaking highly about Life and his skills. Because of that, he was one of the most respected players in the world and a player who had some of the biggest sponsorship deals in the world of eSports. However, everything came crashing down when it was revealed that Lee 'Life' Seung Hyun participated in the match-fixing scandal that abruptly ended his career.

The Scandal

In 2015, it was revealed that several StarCraft 2 players and coaches from South Korea have participated in the match-fixing in the StarCraft 2 competitions. Those players, including Life, have been suspended from the competition that year and eventually banned from competing in StarCraft 2 competition ever again. Just like that, the career of amazing player has come to an end before anyone could have expected.
When the news broke about Life's participation in the match-fixing scandal, everyone started to question his performances and whether any of his losing matches were fixed. However, none of those matches have been proven to be fixed and his titles that he won before the scandal was revealed remained in his position. Despite all that negative things that involved Life, he is still considered to be the best StarCraft 2 player in the world even though many do not want to see a player who participated in match-fixing carrying that title.
The story of Life and his fall is one of the biggest scandals in the history of the entire eSports industry. Disregarding the scandal, many believe that the skills that Life displayed in the competitions were the best that were ever seen in the competition. Because of that, they continue to claim that Life is still the best StarCraft 2 player in the world ever.

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