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Top 5 Pro Fails in Worlds 2017 So Far

Top 5 Pro Fails in Worlds Championship 2017 So Far

The 2017 League of Legends World Championship followed the last year’s competition held in North American. This year’s competition is held at four different locations in China organized by the game’s developer Riot Games. This year’s Worlds started on 23rd of September and the competition will last until 4th of November when we will witness the winning team being crowned and heading home with an amazing money prize.
The competition includes twenty-four teams including three teams coming from North America, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Europe, one team coming from Latin America South and North, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Russia, Brazil and Japan and one additional Wildcard region team. The competition’s prize pool is staggering $2,130,000 accompanied with fan contribution.

Play-In Stage is Over

When it comes to the 2017 World Championship play-in stage is over. This stage of the event offered amazing performances and skills coming from the leading League of Legends teams in the world gathered in one place. Both play-in state and group stage are held at amazing Wuhan Sports Center where team Lyon Gaming, Team WE, Cloud9, Team oNe eSports, Fnatic, Young Generation, HK Attitude and 1907 Fenerbahçe secured their place in the competitions group stage.
The group stage of the competition is also over, and winning teams SK Telecom T1, Cloud9, Longhzu Gaming, Fnatic, Royal Never Give Up, Samsung Galaxy, Team WE, and Misfits will battle against each other in an exciting knockout stage. In the knockout stage, Samsung Galaxy will face Longhzu Gaming, Team WE will face Cloud9, Misfits will play against SK Telecom T1 and Fnatic will try to defeat Royal Never Give Up.

World Championship 2017 Play-In Stage Fails

Even though the play-in stage over, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t go back and see those numerous fails which occurred. So, we bring you top 5 fails from that trash talk between teams Dire Wolves and Cloud9 to that more than questionable Impact’s tower dives. Also remember that one of the leading esports organization Immortals failed to advance to the quarterfinals, so that is a big failure if you ask us. Another amazing esports organization which has that great potential Team SoloMid once again missed their opportunity. It I fair to say that the greatest fail of this year’s major League of Legends competition are differently those two missed chances by Team SoloMid and great Immortals.
The second greatest fail is definitely that questionable tower dives made by team Impact. Then that moment when the game was paused and EDG team’s leading man Big koro decided to leave the game. Prior to the match between EDG and team Fnatic, Koro was announced as the leading man for his team against great competition team Fnatic. However, we were very surprised to see him leaving the match. On the third place is definitely that match between Young Generation and team Fenerbahçe and audio issues that occurred during the match. We also have to mention that trash talk initiated by Cloud9 member Nicolaj Jensen addressed towards Dire Wolves player who he called a white lettuce on his Twitter account. Then Dire Wolves’ Player Chippys replied that he will destroy Cloud9 player Jeong Eon Young. This was an ultimate twitter words battle between Cloud9 and Dire Wolves which turned into a huge fail.