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What It Takes To Be A Pro Gamer

a gamer wins at starcraft 2

What it takes to be a Pro Gamer If you are thinking about gaming for living, there are some tips what it takes to become a professional gamer. Gaming for a living is like that adolescent dream we had while we were growing up. The most kids fantasize about being …

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Top 5 Pro Fails in Worlds 2017 So Far

Top 5 Pro Fails in Worlds Championship 2017 So Far The 2017 League of Legends World Championship followed the last year’s competition held in North American. This year’s competition is held at four different locations in China organized by the game’s developer Riot Games. This year’s Worlds started on 23rd …

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Are Video Games Evil After All

boy playing video games

Are Video Games Evil After All? You will hear some people saying video games are ruining your eyes. Then you will also hear that video games are melting your brain. You will hear many bad things about the effects of video gaming on our health. Some of these allegations are …

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